Welcome to the Online Profiles of the 2012 US Presidential Candidates. This website was created by the Saint Michael's College Media and American Politics class in order to give coverage to all candidates on the New Hampshire Presidential Primary ballot.

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Aldous C. Tyler: The Citizen Candidate

Craig Tax Freeze Freis: The Conservative Democrat

Darcy G. Richardson: One Individual Can Make a Difference

Ed Cowan: Candidate of New Ideas

Robert Jordan: The Self-Proclaimed "Real Democratic Candidate"

John D Haywood: Eclectic Democrat with Detailed Plans

John Wolfe: Defender of the Democratic Mantra

Randall Terry: Shifting Parties for a Purpose

Vermin Supreme: "Lies for Less"












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Andy Martin: Internet Powerhouse and Obama Critic

Bear Betzler: The Low-Profile Candidate with High-Profile Ambitions

Benjamin Linn: Do It for the Kids

Chris Hill: American Veteran and Conservative Candidate

Fred Karger: Bring Back Reagan Republicanism

Hugh Cort: Terrorism Expert

Jeff Lawman: Tending Towards the Center

Joe Story: Average Joe for President

Joe Robinson: Inventor from Massachusetts

John L. Davis: A Common Man For President

Keith Drummond: Husband, Father, Entrepeneur, Businessman, Veteran, Neighbor

Linden Swift: Bringing Conservative Values Back to Washington

Mark Callahan: Leadership - Integrity - Character

Michael J Meehan: Goliath Never Saw Us Coming

Randy Crow: Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire

Robert A. Greene: The Man With the Energy Plan

Stewart J. Greenleaf: State senator for the 12th District of Pennsylvania

Vern Wuensche: In It to Win It!