Craig Tax Freeze Freis: The Conservative Democrat

By: Andrew Caringi & Jacob Pelletier

Born in Nebraska, Craig Freis has been involved in politics for 30 years.  He is 67 years old and has run 6 political campaigns, the sixth being his current presidential campaign for 2012.  His first campaign was launched in 1987 and was unsuccessful in his bid for California's 56th State Assembly district.  His next three attempts, in 1994, 1996, and 1998, were also unsuccessful in his bid for a California State Assembly district.  His only political victory to date was at the lowest step of the political ladder when he was elected to the Democratic Party Central Committee in his home state of California.  He speaks of the “havoc” he created when he was elected to the Committee and stands firm in the fact that he was “not for sale” for the lobbyists from Washington. 

Behind the Name
Freis changed his middle name to Tax Freeze, giving him the official name of Craig Tax Freeze Freis.  He sent 15 legal documents, including his changed birth certificate, to the New Hampshire Secretary of State proving that his name was in fact, Craig Tax Freeze Freis. He eventually filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of State because he would not allow Freis to use his full name on the Presidential Primary ballot for the state of New Hampshire.  He won the court case and his officially listed on the ballot as Craig Tax Freeze Freis.  Click here to see the court order! 

Reason for Running
Freis said in an interview, “My friend, who is also my campaign manager, is the one who encourages me.” His campaign manager was the one who pushed him to run for president. This friend/campaign manager is Marty Israel, who is also a politician, and according to Fries has challenged some major politicians in his day.  One in particular was Howard Cannon, who served as Nevada State Senator from 1959 until 1983.  “He hit him where he didn’t know,” said Freis. 

Importance of Investing 
Freis is adamant in his call for more investments by the government.  He got his own financial start by investing in oil companies when he was 40 years old, an investment that he said was a sound investment.  He believes that by investing in industries you are in fact promoting the growth of those industries, something that he believes the government today isn’t doing enough of.  He cites other countries, like Greece and Chile, which invest in their domestic industries and over time those investments grow and benefit both the industry and the economy.  He believes that the government is stealing from the young and poor, instead of investing more in their future.  The government is taking from the young to support social security, but at the same time is not sufficiently investing in them. 

Problems with Social Security 
Social Security has become an increasingly talked about topic, especially with the developments of the financial crisis and government deficit. Freis views the use of social security as a problem in modern society. A major component of his view is the use of the Social Security trust fund. The trust fund is created from the interest that Social Security collects on money that is loaned to the federal government. However, Social Security is becoming a failing organization. The money that is collected from taxes for Social Security is much lower than its expenses.  Social security is projected to spend more than it takes from now until the foreseeable future. In an article for CNN, Allan Sloan describes social security trust fund as “useless” and explains, “The trust fund is of no economic value.” This is caused by the difference in expenses and revenue.  The process has become a system of borrowing in which Social Security dips into the trust fund to pay its benefits and, “The Treasury, in turn, would have to borrow 3,400 from investors to get the money to pay social security… the government has to borrow from investors to pay me, regardless of how big the trust fund is,” (Sloan).  This is supported by the Social Security Trustee report where in 2009 they stated, “ Neither redemption of trust fund bonds, nor interest paid on those bonds, provides any new net income to the Treasury,” (Sloan). The failure of the Social Security trust fund is one that Freis hopes to change. It has become an increasing problem that circulates money by having the government borrow from investors in order to pay for the interest on the money they borrowed from Social Security. Click here to see Sloan's article.

Pharmaceutical Patents
Fries believes that politicians should be more aware about the people they represent and what change is needed to help them. Part of this would be to take the patents away from many pharmaceutical companies. These companies are able to patent the drugs that are produced in order to maintain integrity for the research that was put in to develop them. In the United States a patent last for 20 years, but with drugs this time period includes the intensive testing used to ensure the safety of the product. This leaves the patent viable for about 11 to 12 years when the drug finally reaches the market. However, without the patent the cost of drugs would be greatly decreased. The patent prevents the manufacturing and distribution of the drug from other companies. If other companies were allowed to produce similar drugs the price would fall and it would also lead to more collaborative research between companies.

Disdain for Obama 
Freis, like many of the candidates seeking the nomination, sees President Obama as a “disaster.”  He believes that Obama has done nothing to help create jobs in this country and cites FDR as another President that failed to solve the country’s job crisis at the time.  Both Obama and FDR created programs that put people to work within the government, something that Freis believes does nothing to help improve either the government or the job crisis.  In order for the country to improve, Freis says it needs to change the direction it is headed in.  New ideas need to be developed and tried in order to be able to make a change. Part of this can be accomplished by fulfilling the country’s need for ethics and morals.  Instead of running for a label, politicians should be focused on helping the people.  By changing what America has deemed important to society, new ideas will be able to develop and be implemented in order to help progress the country in the right direction.

Views on Republican Candidates
Along with Obama, Freis doesn’t have any hope in his Republican rivals.  He calls the Republicans “immoral” and “scandalous” and believes that people have no trust in their politicians anymore.  Part of this he attributes to the power of money in politics. How successful your campaign is depends on how much money a candidate can raise. This has been a problem for Freis since he had to invest more money in the court case in order to get his name on the ballot. The power of money reaches further into politics with the power of lobbyists in Washington.  By running Freis hopes to take away votes from the corrupted politicians in order to help the honest politicians get into the race.